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 Portal 2 (DasDragon #1)

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PostSubject: Portal 2 (DasDragon #1)   Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:29 am

If you havent played the first game by now heres a tip for you before reading, get out and play it. Now im reviewing the playstation 3 version of portal 2, not that theres much diffrence apart from linking it with steam (which ill get onto later). My take on the game is that everything is bigger and better (Apart from core gameplay which is to create portals) such as more story, different cubes, lasers, light bridges and light fans.

In my opinion there are two great ideas implemented the first being the 3 Gels (orange, blue and white) which change the properties of what they touch such as the suroundings, the tasks of the gels are as followed: Orange = speed up (to make you run fast when on floor), Blue = bounce (sends you bouncing whith the same force you hit it with), White = Portal (to create portals on flat surfaces you cant usually do it on). Of course i havent stated all the uses but ill let you figure that one out.

The other idea that makes this stand out way beyond the first is the talent voice of Stephen Merchant (close freind of Ricky Gervias) who really brings the comical genius into wheatly, a special personality core. All the way through the game i was LOLing from his stupidity, together with GLADOS's one-liners and sarcasm, it gave them a sense of personality that really makes you feel for these mechanical morons.

In terms of Graphics i believe this to be a cluster of great senarios, one minute you feel like a predator can pop up with the vibrant jungle theme, just to be brought back to the clean enviroment you all know from the first game, then to a personal favourite of mine that just reminded me of bioshock with its rusty metal and 1950's spokeperson and finally to a twisted enviroment that only a true moron could create.

Ok some of you are wondering when im gunna mention the special feature only on the PS3 version and most of you probrably know that you get a free steam version, but its more than that, you can just pick up and play portal 2 on either PS3 and laptop (Steam) and the game save is transfered almost seamlessly, also features such as trophies (steam acheivements)get transfered. Although this is good this is by far just a scratch by comparison to what im about to say next......... with the PS3 version you can have CROSS-PLATFORM sessions, meaning i could play a freind on Steam while im on my PS3. I hope them implement this with future games as this is a small step in one of my gaming dreams but enough about that.

Overall i recommend this to anyone that has played the first and or enjoyed puzzle games with a depth in them, furthermore i recommend getting this for PS3 above Steam (if you have a PS3) so you can play with freinds on both PS3 and Steam

Im sorry i havent been able to comment to the co-op aspect as i have only played the first 3 rooms with my partner (she sucks at it btw) maybe when i have played it more i shall
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Portal 2 (DasDragon #1)
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