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PostSubject: #1 Katawa Shoujo   Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:38 pm

This time, we'll be talking about Katawa Shoujo. A visual novel by Four Leaf Studios, so expect a lot of reading. The choices you make as the story progresses affect the outcomes later on. Say you have a split fork, 2 choices to choose from, one will lead you down one part of the story, the other down another. You are Hisao Nakai, a young boy, who, through a heart defect, has to move to a school for disabled children, Yamaku High School. Even through his difficulties, he manages to make friends. There are five main females you can interact with, Emi Ibarazaki, a girl with legs amputated below the knees. This doesn't stop her from being the typical happy-go-lucky type of girl in the cast though, with her prosthetic legs, she runs for the track team. Truly the most optimistic of all the characters. Next up, Hanako Ikezawa (Yay, Hanako <3). After her house burnt down, claiming her father's life when she was young, she has been left with permanent burn marks all down the right hand side of her body. She shuns away from contact from others and will actually panic if someone tries to be sociable with her. The only friend she really talks to is Lilly Satou, who is next. Lilly is the caring, motherly type of figure. Despite being blind at birth. She gets along well with Hanako. She often spends her time with Hanako, drinking tea. She serves as the resprentative of her class, being well respected and confident. The next girl is Rin Tezuka, a girl who had a birth defect and as such, had to have surgery. Both of which caused her arms to be small stumps. She is very philosiphical and creative. She wears a boy's uniform because a skirt is very hard for her to wear. She enjoys painting, using her feet and sometimes her mouth to do it and many other things, such as eating, holding a fork or spoon with her feet. The last girl is Shizune Hakamichi, the class representative of your class. She is the borne leader of the girls, being strong willed and forceful. She enjoys playing tactical games, including Risk! Neither her deafness or muteness stop her from being a fearsome but just and fair leader. If you don't mind reading and enjoy heart-warming stories, I'd recommend this to you. Currently, it is incomplete, only Act 1 released. However, the developers, Four Leaf Studios are working hard on the game. It really will be worth the wait.

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